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How Big is the Grand Canyon?

How Big is the Grand Canyon? Visiting Grand Canyon can be a nearly overwhelming experience.  Standing on the rim a peering out over the vastness is a legitimately humbling experience.  Take it from those who have spent a lifetime here; this place is as awe-inspiring...

Is Havasupai Falls In The Grand Canyon?

Where is Havasupai Falls? Traveler in the American Southwest often think Havasu Falls are in Grand Canyon National Park.  They are not.  But don't worry, The Goat will get you there! Technically speaking, Havasu Falls is, in fact, part of Grand Canyon.  Grand Canyon...

Top 10 Geologic Adventures of a Lifetime in the American Southwest

The Bucket List Countdown Everyone has a list.  A daily list, a chore list, a grocery list, an assignment list, a to do list, a list of.....?  None of these lists are fun, nor do they really do anything to further joy and appreciation of the beauty of the natural...

Who is The Goat?

The most pertinent question one may find themselves asking when reading this blog is "who exactly is The Goat"?  Is he an actual goat?  A mascot of some sort?  Some ridiculous nonsense dreamed up by somebody who thinks they are clever?  A metaphor perhaps?  The answer...

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