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Death Valley is a land of extremes.  One of the hottest, driest places on Earth, it is also one of the most beautiful.  Death Valley and the Mojave Desert are squarely in the Basin and Range geologic province, characterized by rugged mountains and sediment-filled basins.  Major tectonic forces are at work here, with large fault systems that grind Death Valley daily into its granduer.

Death Valley, Mojave National Preserve, Joshua Tree, Red Rock Canyon, and The Valley of Fire are some of the most iconic and spectacular areas in the west, and they can all be found in our playground.  High mountains, complicated faulting, twisted sedimentary structures, breathtaking sunsets, and gleaming red rocks grace this area, making it one of the most unique and spectacular regions on the planet.

Exploring Death Valley and the Mojave includes trips into Death Valley, Mojave National Preserve, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, and the Lake Mead region near Las Vegas.

Trips to this region are offered only from October-May, as soaring temperatures in the summer make these areas quite inhospitable and dangerous.  However, the winter is a wonderful time to visit, as temperatures are comfortable during the day (70s-80s) and relatively mild at night (40-50s).  Good physical condition is required, as is smart packing for the elements, as storms and wind can blow up at anytime (see our ​​​​​ blog for training and packing tips)

Trip Price Includes: certified geologist/guide, gear (backpack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad), meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), water, permits and camp fees, transporation to and from trails/campsites

Trip Price does not include: extra gear rental (water bladder, first aid kits, luxury items, etc.), airfare, transportation to and from host city, pre or post-trip hotel accomodations, personal health/liability insurance

Reservations, Payments, and Cancellations:

Adventures into California and Nevada are very popular during the winter high season, and advanced planning is often necessary. We recommend making your reservations at least 3 to 5 months in advance. We can accommodate last-minute bookings provided space is available, so please call our office to check. 

Why reserve early?  

Each trip requires a minimum number of participants for departure. Blue Marble Adventure GeoTourism reserves the right to cancel scheduled trips that do not meet minimum sign-up requirements (usually 4 guests).
For more details please see our comprehensive Trip Policies and Payments page .

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