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Experience the Grand Canyon

Discover the Grand Canyon without the crowds on our backpacking or basecamping tours!

Tour the Arizona Red Rocks

Explore the wild and spectacular backcountry of Northern Arizona!

Explore Utah Canyon Country

See Utah in its most spectacular, primal wilderness state!

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous,
and leading to the most amazing view – Edward Abbey

The Grand Canyon

Utah Canyon Country

Arizona Red Rocks

Featured Event

Canyons and Chefs

An extraordiary and unique meeting place between outdoor adventure and a michelin-starred restaurant.  Join us for these outstanding experiences in Grand Canyon, Sedona, and elsewhere in the beautiful Canyon Country!

Featured Trip


This erosional gem, located deep in the Vermillion Cliffs of Arizona, is a must for any aspiring geologic adventure hound.

Got a Permit to The Wave?

Let us take you there for the best experience possible!

WHy go with Blue Marble Guides?

Safety first

Our guests and employees safety is our top priority on every adventure. All guides are trained and certified in CPR and First Aid, equipped with fully outfitted first aid kits and extra water.  Most guides also have more advanced certifications.

food & Accommodations

All of our multi-day adventures come fully equipped with high-quality tents and excellent sleeping pads rented from trusted gear outfitters.  For food, you can expect home-cooked, backcountry meals planned by a professional chef, and perfectly executed by our guides.

geologist guides

Our lead guides are geologists with at least a Bachelor of Science in geology from an accredited university. They are carefully chosen based upon their expertise in the area of your trip, and will ensure your every need is satisfied.

Backpacking Tours

Escape deep into the wilderness carrying everything you need in your backpack.  We furnish top-of-the-line gear and expert guides.

Basecamping Tours

Hike in amongst wondrous scenery by day, and return to a comfortable basecamp with all the amenities for an evening of star-gazing.

Day Hiking Trips

Spend a day thinking like a geologist as we uncover the hidden secrets and fascinating past of the Colorado Plateau.


Custom Adventures

We can accomodate almost any adventure geology request.  If you have a dream trip, we will make it a reality.


The Goat’s Blog

Hiking and Exploring Grand Falls in Flagstaff

Ubiquitous Lava Flows turn to Thundering Cascades This past weekend provided The Goat an excellent opportunity to explore one of the hidden gems of the Painted Desert, simply known as Grand Falls.  Tucked into a canyon carved by the Little Colorado River on Navajo...

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#5 Best (Worst) Geology Movie of All-Time

#5.  San Andreas Care to see the full rankings?  Check this out! Look Mom, an earthquake! Geologic Sin Meter:  Apocalyptic Though this meter is obviously subjective and somewhat vague and arbitrary, it does bear some explaining.  Basically, the more hyperbole in the...

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The Greatest Geology Disaster Movie of All-Time

The Greatest Geology Disaster Movie of All-Time

#1:  Tremors Look Mom, weird prehistoric underground monsters! Check out the full rankings here! Geologic Sin Meter:  Graboid-Tastic Geologically speaking, this classic goofball sci-fi flick is nearly devoid of sins, although there is a major biological question that...

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